There’s some things teams should just leave alone.

Turnover props are a thing in college football, and now, every team has 1 or 2. Miami was one of the first with the Turnover Chain, but if you’ll remember, Tennessee had the Turnover Trash Can during the Butch Jones era. Yes, Team 121 in 2017 openly celebrated its trash canning on social media much to the enjoyment and amusement of the rest of the SEC.

Now, it appears that the Charlotte 49ers have their own Turnover Trash Can.

The 49ers are playing Appalachian State Saturday, and the Mountaineers fumbled on the goal line, leaving Charlotte to recover to force the turnover. The camera then panned to the sidelines, and lo and behold a trash can was being hoisted up as a turnover prop.

Thankfully, Tennessee’s was much more creative.