Two University of Tennessee students gave new meaning to the phrase “stealing home.” Police told the Tennessean newspaper in Nashville that two males were arrested over the weekend after being caught on camera breaking into Hawkins Field at Vanderbilt University and attempting to steal home plate.

Authorities identified the accused as Forrest Bullen and Austin Shelton, both 21, who attend UT, according to public records. Vanderbilt University police noticed the two men on surveillance cameras around 2:30 a.m. Saturday and were seen running for the outfield, according to their arrest warrants.

Bullen was stopped by police and surrendered, while Shelton jumped the fence and resisted arrest before being pulled down by authorities. He was taken into custody soon afterward on Vanderbilt Place. Police had also found a pair of scissors on the ground near home plate after conducting a search of the field, where part of the turf had been cut up.

Both men were charged with attempted theft, evading arrest and trespassing. Shelton also received charges for felony vandalism and resisting arrest. The students are expected to appear in Davidson County court on Dec. 16.