Thanks to updated NCAA rules, active college athletes are now permitted to have video blogs — also referred to as Vlogs.

It wasn’t that long ago, the NCAA did not permit college athletes to have Vlogs. You may recall the case of former UCF kicker Donald De La Haye. His popular YouTube channel caused an issue with the NCAA and Haye ultimately was ruled ineligible for refusing to give up his popular Vlog.

Thankfully, the NCAA has since loosened its restrictions on Vlogs, clearing the way for athletes to create a new form of content that fans can enjoy.

The latest player to do just that is Tennessee receiver, Velus Jones Jr. The graduate transfer from USC has posted his first video on YouTube, which can be seen below or by following this link, and features Jones and his teammates back in the facilities on Rocky Top following their return to campus.

This is a great way for fans to see what life is like for athletes around the country as they return to campus to prepare for the upcoming season.