Recruits seem to be getting bigger, faster, and stronger every year as advances are made in the ways that athletes train and prepare. A living example of this is eighth grader Jacorey Brooks from Miami, who just received his first scholarship offer from Tennessee.

Brooks is 6-foot-2 and already possesses some pretty sick ball skills:

Give credit to Tennessee’s new receiver coach Kevin Beard on identifying the South Florida native early on in the process.

Though his size and ability make this offer at least explainable, there is some understood risk associated with offering and recruiting a player at this age. Brooks may be a stud now, but how will he fare against high school, let alone college competition? The 2021 class feels like an eternity away, and it’s far from guaranteed that Butch Jones will still be there to collect on this early investment.

Still, it’s hard to pass on what could be an elite prospect. If this scholarship offer can start building trust now, it may be well worth it if Brooks becomes a game changer for the Vols in the future. These offers can always be revoked, so this is a low risk, high reward proposition for the Tennessee.