It seems like we’ve been talking about the concept for many years now, but we’re just months away from actually seeing a college football game at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Tennessee and Virginia Tech plan to meet there during Week 2 of the 2016 season.

It could be a record-setting occasion, as the famous racetrack boasts a capacity of 160,000 people.

The record for single-game attendance for a college football game is owned by a Michigan vs. Notre Dame game in 2013 (115,109).

You may be wondering what a football game at a NASCAR venue may look like, and luckily the Vols official Twitter was on site on Friday to snap some pictures of the prep work:

The outside of the famous speedway is decorated in promotion of the event as well:

There are still a couple of major races that have to take place before the venue can go all-out in its efforts to become a football stadium. NASCAR races are scheduled there in April and August of 2016.