We’ve got news from Rocky Top as Tennessee Chancellor Donde Plowman broke some tough news on Thursday.

According to Plowman, on-campus tailgating has been banned for the coming football season and Neyland Stadium is facing significantly reduced capacity if the SEC football season goes forward as planned.

In a recent video conference shared to YouTube, Plowman shared the following information.

“We have questions about fans in Neyland Stadium, and whether tailgating will be banned,” Plowman said in the video to Tennessee students and facility. “We don’t know what will happen with football yet. We’re hopeful the team will get to play.

“If they do, it will not be to a full stadium. And there will likely be significant reduced capacity. If we do play football, we won’t have tailgating on campus. Football has no bearing on whether or not classes transition are moved to online.”

This news isn’t going to stop Tennessee fans from enjoying the games how they chose to do so this year on Rocky Top and on the lake with the Vol Navy pulling up to the stadium but it is yet another reminder that this fall season is going to, unfortunately, be unlikely any other in recent history.