Tennessee players were convinced after the loss to South Carolina that a would-be fumble by South Carolina whistled dead by officials was, in fact, a fumble. Now fans have taken up the cause on the controversial play.

Defenders Shy Tuttle and Darrin Kirkland told reporters clearly and without question that Tennessee caused a fumble of Ty’Son Williams, and could have returned it for a 99-yard touchdown. Instead, the Gamecocks were credited with the touchdown with five seconds left in the third quarter.

It tied the game at 24, as South Carolina went on to win 27-24 as the Gamecocks outscored the Vols 18-10 in the second half.

Fans were irate during and after the game as the play was not only missed, but not reviewed. Because the play was blown dead, a review was not possible. Some fans even tried to reach out to the SEC office for help in reversing the call.

Here is a sampling of some of the reaction: