A pair of co-hosts of a Kentucky television program annually make a bet on the Kentucky-Tennessee game.

This year, the stakes were especially high for an industry where hair is important.

Kentucky’s 24-7 loss to Tennessee hit home especially hard for WLEX-18’s Lee Cruse who lost a bet with Hayley Harmon, a Tennessee native and Vols fan, his “Live with Lee & Hayley” co-host.

He paid up on Monday in a live segment where Harmon pulled out hair clippers and paint to shave and paint a ‘T’ into the back of Cruse’s hair. As they began the show, and explained the bet payoff, Tennessee’s fight song “Rocky Top” played in the background.


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“I can’t even wear a hat to cover this,” Cruse said.

Harmond replied, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Then she added, “This is the greatest day of my life.”

Cruse said later that offensive coordinator “Eddie Gran should get getting this, not me.”

“Do you need a drink?” Harmon asked as she finished up.

“No. I don’t need a drink,” Cruse said. “I need an offensive line. That’s what I need.”

If Harmon lost, she would have had to refer to herself as “Tater Harmon” on air all week. Last season when Kentucky won, she had to put a “Kentucky Girl” vanity plate on the front of her car for two weeks.