Former Tennessee QB Peyton Manning is clearly loving the retired life, as the two-time Super Bowl champion has really gotten a chance to explore comedic acting.

Manning recently starred in a series of commercials for the phone case company OtterBox, doing three spots with the company mascot, Ollie the Otter.

In the first one, Manning comes across a pair of hikers who want a picture with the star quarterback. Unfortunately, one gets a little too close for Ollie the Otter’s liking:

Next, Ollie makes sure Manning’s attempt to make s’mores doesn’t get out of hand:

Finally, an overprotective Ollie pampers the NFL legend while they’re hiking through nature:

It’s safe to say we’ll be seeing plenty of Manning on our televisions this season, as acting is clearly something he enjoys.

We can’t wait to see what funny thing the legendary quarterback does next.

(H/T Fansided)

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