Each week, there is seemingly a new development in the mocking of the Tennessee fan base.

There have been stories of Vol fans fighting one another in the stands at Neyland Stadium, leaving multiple games early, and various reactions to Butch Jones’ press conference one-liners.

The latest is a video modeled after animal adoption commercials where Sarah McLachlan’s song “In the Arms of An Angel” is played behind heart-wrenching photos and videos of pets needing to be adopted. In the Tennessee version, orange-clad Vols fans are comforted by other fans, including one who roots for Clemson.

“Will you be an angel for a helpless Tennessee Volunteer fan,” the narrator said. “Every day, innocent Tennessee fans are abused, beaten and neglected, and they’re crying out for help. Please, call the number on your screen with a monthly gift right now. In lieu of a monetary gift, you can help rescue Volunteers from their emotional distraught and instability with a simple pat on the back, a hearty handshake, or an embracing hug.”

Check out this incredible video made by Front Porch Football:

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