Peyton Manning’s newest show Peyton’s Places looks absolutely fantastic.

Peyton’s Places debuts on ESPN+ on July 15 and celebrates the 100th NFL season. ESPN released the trailer (below) during the NFL Draft, and it immediately caught our attention.

ESPN targeted Manning for its “Monday Night Football” booth, but he declined. Instead, he’ll be receiving ESPN air-time for other opportunities, including this one.

Peyton’s Places is a 30-episode series where he travels around the country and looks at the history of the NFL.

“Peyton is a football legend and has contributed so much to the game throughout his career, making him the perfect steward to take fans on this journey through the 100-year history of the National Football League,” ESPN executive vice president Connor Schell said in a news release. “His sense of humor, wit, and reverence for the traditions of football will produce wonderful stories for this series on ESPN+.”

Below is the trailer: