Tennessee fans may still be in the process of getting to know Tyson Helton, the program’s new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, but if he can call a game like he can deliver a speech to the team, the Volunteers are going to be just fine on offense this season.

The official Tennessee Football Twitter account recently shared a video of Helton speaking to the team on the importance of individual sacrifice and why it’s so necessary to achieve ultimate glory. It remains to be seen how well the team buys into the message delivered by the new Tennessee coaching staff but rest assured, those that don’t buy in likely won’t be around to see the glory that comes from those sacrifices.

“We have to become unified as a team. That’s the difference between winning and losing,” Helton says in the video below. “Why do those teams that win have confidence? It’s what I went back to, from Day One when you had a clean slate, you trusted your training, you believed in what the coaches were doing and every day of your life, you were building a little stack of wins.”

Check out the full video segment below: