After a midfield skirmish broke out, a referee gave every Tennessee and Kentucky player a personal foul penalty in the first half of the game between the Volunteers and Wildcats on Saturday night in Lexington.

That ended up hurting both teams substantially more by halftime.

Tennessee linebacker Daniel Bituli and Kentucky corner Davonte Robinson were both ejected just before halftime for a minor incident. Bituli shoved Robinson at the end of a play, then Robinson retaliated with a push of his own and Bituli flopped on the ground.

As the rule states, two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties result in an ejection. So by definition, even though this seemed to be a ridiculous ruling, it was the correct one.

Of course, if the blanket unsportsmanlike hadn’t been thrown on every player — even those who had nothing to do with the earlier fight — Bituli and Robinson would be on the field in the second half.

Check out this video posted on Twitter by user @JasonHall1289 and decide for yourself whether this warranted an ejection:

See the video of the original fight that this all stemmed from here.