One of Tennessee’s U.S. senators, Bob Corker, is retiring next month, and the state’s other senator — Lamar Alexander — won’t seek reelection in 2020.

With so much turnover in the Tennessee political landscape, many have wondered if former Tennessee star QB Peyton Manning would launch a political career of his own.

On Tuesday, TMZ Sports caught up with Corker, and Corker said he doesn’t think Manning will be heading to Washington D.C. anytime soon:

“I think Peyton’s liking coaching little league football,” Corker said. “I doubt that’s going to be a topic of discussion based on last round.”

Corker backed that up with a flat-out “no” when asked if there was any chance Manning could enter the political realm. Sounds like that’s off the table for now, though Manning would certainly have a lot of support in the Volunteer State.