A recently fired SEC head coach has just the resume and experience to be an ideal fit at Tennessee.

That’s according to SEC Network analyst and former Florida receiver Chris Doering, who shared those thoughts on Sirius XM.

“What you need is something opposite of what you’ve had recently,” Doering said. “You’ve had a defensive coordinator from the Saban tree. It has not worked out, the Saban tree has not necessarily worked out at a lot of places in the SEC. What you need is a proven commodity in the SEC, a guy who’s shown he can beat Nick Saban.”

Doering then referred to former Auburn coach Gus Malzahn, who had the best record of any recent SEC coach against Saban and Alabama, of course, an annual opponent of Tennessee.

“Gus Malzahn has not been appreciated for what he’s been able to accomplish in this league,” Doering said. “He is a perfect guy for Tennessee, right, he’s everything that the previous coaching staff was not. He’s an offensive guy, an innovative guy offensively. … I think he’s a guy who would take the job. I think he’s a guy who would love to have the opportunity to run the Tennessee program. I’m not sure a lot of other coaches who fall into that category right now.”

Doering added that Malzahn has shown that he can build a program the right way as Doering couldn’t recall Malzahn being mentioned as on the wrong side of NCAA rules.

“It makes a lot of sense, man,” he said.