Chris Del Conte made an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Friday to discuss Texas’ move to the SEC, which the league announced Thursday night would be in 2024, a year earlier than previously projected.

“What makes college so great is the rivalries, those deep-rooted family rivalries, you cherish, your mom and dad took you, their parents took them, your grandparents,” Del Conte said. “When you see the rivalries of those schools, those are so important. For us not to play A&M for these years, it’s just saddened, I just feel bad for the state of Texas and our fan base.”

He felt the same way about Arkansas, and noted how Frank Broyles and Darrell Royal retired on the same day after a storied history between the programs.

“For us to go back and rekindle those games on an annual basis, I just think it’s great for college,” he said. “It’s great for our communities. So rivalries in my opinion really matter in sport, and to be able to get the Oklahoma game in Dallas as a rival and go back and rekindle those old relationships, it’s just an exciting time.”

Del Conte then pointed out Finebaum’s recent history with Texas.

“I don’t forget you throwing our helmet when we played Arkansas a couple years ago so I can’t wait to get you back,” Del Conte said with a laugh. “It does not go unnoticed my friend. We have pretty good fun with it.”

Finebaum then apologized, and said that Arkansas sent him the bill for the helmet.