Mattress Mack, whose given name is Jim McIngvale, is one of the most well-known sports gamblers around, has come out with statements opposing legalization of sports betting in his home state of Texas.

The Houston businessman, according to the Houston Chronicle, put it this way: “All that glitters is not gold. They’ve got to look at it, because I’m concerned that the revenue estimates, as far as what’s going to come into the state, are way overblown.”

McIngvale said driving to Louisiana for 2 hours is not that much of an inconvenience.

State Sen. Carol Alvarado filed one of several major gambling bills this session and it calls for resort-style casinos and sports betting in Texas’ biggest cities.

“Each session, each time I do this I’m a bit more optimistic,” Alvarado said, per KHOU-11. “Texans love to gamble. Why not spend that money here in Texas? It’s not putting a slot machine in a restaurant or bar or 7-Eleven.”

KHOU-11 also reported that the bills are being pushed by the Sports Betting Alliance, which includes support from every major sports franchise and owner in Texas.