Quinn Ewers, Texas’ starting quarterback, was injured in Week 2 during the Alabama game on Sept. 10, when he was hit by Alabama’s Dallas Turner. Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian seems to be quite satisfied with the progress on the Longhorns’ quarterback situation.

Although injured, Ewers will be heading to Lubbock for the Texas Tech game on Saturday, according to Sarkisian.

Nothing else was mentioned relating to if the quarterback will be starting or not, but he will be suited up in full pads.

With the quarterback position ramping up at Texas between Ewers, Hudson Card and Maalik Murphy, Sarkisian seems to be satisfied with how things are rolling along.

“To have the point where we are today from the quarterback situation, they were all out, which is a great sign,” Sarkisian said.  “I think it’s the progress that Quinn is making, it’s Hudson (Card’s) ability to bounce back after playing Saturday and the ankle to feel good enough to go today and Maalik had a good practice today as well.