College football realignment is exciting and exhausting.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks since the first report that Texas and Oklahoma reached out to the SEC, and now, they’re already members. The two Big 12 programs are set to join the SEC no later than July 1, 2025, when the Big 12 media rights deal expires. Most think the Longhorns and Sooners will join the SEC quicker than that.

Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC has been in the works for months, and now, it appears that Texas internally explored joining other conferences, too.

Texas president Jay Hartzell said Monday during a state hearing about the future of college athletics that the Longhorns looked at the prospects of joining the Big Ten and the ACC, in addition to the SEC.

How much did Texas really consider joining the Big Ten or ACC? They never formally reached out, and the two conferences could have just been hats on the table early during the selection process.

Nonetheless, things are changing quickly in college athletics, and it may not be over yet.