The Vanderbilt Commodores fell to 1-5 on the season with a 34-10 home loss to UNLV on Saturday afternoon.

That loss is embarrassing for the Commodores, who will find it hard to win another game this year if they keep playing like this.

However, coach Derek Mason isn’t giving up on his players or the season. As you can see below, in a video shared to YouTube by VandySports, he said he doesn’t care about his contract situation. The only way he’d consider calling it quits is if he feels he’s not making an impact on the players:

“I’ve been in this profession for a long time,” he said. “For me, I’ve always coached this thing on a one-year deal. Like for me, personally. I don’t care what contracts say. For me, it’s about trying to make this program better, getting this program better and making young people better. That’s what I’m charged to do. … Let me tell you, I’m going to work as hard as I can with my staff to ensure that these young men, skill-wise and from a football standpoint, get better. I truly believe that. And if I’m not doing that, then I’ll walk away, OK? I’m here to try to get this thing right.”

Can Mason help the Commodores turn things around? Or, will Vandy continue to struggle moving forward?