Vanderbilt didn’t have enough defense to contain Joe Burrow and the LSU offense Saturday. Vanderbilt also didn’t have enough beer at their home stadium for the visiting LSU fans, as Tigers fans reportedly drank Vanderbilt Stadium dry before the end of the second quarter.

That led to an unusual circumstances for Commodores head coach Derek Mason, who had to answer questions Wednesday about the beer situation at his home stadium. Mason was pretty frank saying “This is Nashville. No stadium should run out of beer.”

Apparently beer trucks did arrive with more beverages during the second half and when that happened, the LSU fans gave a standing ovation to the delivery men.

LSU fans also drank a local Nashville bar out of vodka at 9 a.m., too. So, Tigers fans were certainly on their game early.

On a more serious note, Mason also commented again on how well Burrow played for LSU on Saturday. On Tuesday, Mason said that Burrow was the “best” quarterback he has seen since arriving in the SEC, which obviously raised eyebrows. Mason didn’t back off those comments in his Wednesday press conference, adding that Burrow was “as accurate and in command of an offense” as he’s seen since he began coaching at Vanderbilt in 2014.

He then said he thinks LSU has a chance to play in the SEC Championship Game.