Tennessee State LB Christion Abercrombie collapsed during a game against Vanderbilt earlier this year and had to be taken to a hospital, where he had emergency surgery stemming from a severe brain injury.

Since then, Abercrombie has been battling to make a full recovery, and this week, his mother, Staci Abercrombie shared a positive update.

Per WSMV.com, Abercrombie’s mom said he is making progress, but there’s still a lot of work to be done:

“We’ve been trusting God and that’s why we’re here because of all the prayers and God,” said Staci Abercombie, Christion’s mother. “Christion has fought a good fight and because of God and their prayers he’s here. He’s a miracle.

“It’s touch and go. Some days he understands exactly what you’re saying and then the next hour he’s forgotten what you’re saying, so we just tell him every day to keep fighting and you’re doing great on your road to recovery is coming soon.”

It’s good to hear that Abercrombie continues to improve, and hopefully he’ll be able to live as close to his previous life as possible.