First-year Vanderbilt coach Clark Lea won’t put a win-loss record expectation on his program this year because he said he doesn’t believe in that, “in any semblance.”

“We’ll say that every game that we play will have a plan to win, and we’ll measure our results off our execution of that plan to win,” Lea said from the podium at SEC Media Days. “There are measurable things that show growth as a team, and there are things that can’t be measured. I think both are important. In the end, I’m a competitor and I didn’t come to Vanderbilt to do anything other than win. So for me, it’s about how we design this team, how we design our tactics, how we develop as people and teammates to put ourselves in the best position to win games in the fourth quarter.”

Vanderbilt was 0-9 last season, and 3-9 in 2019. The Commodores have not had a winning season since 2013 when they went 9-4.

“We could be the best physically and mentally conditioned team in the country,” Lea said. “We could impose our will on the opponent late in the game. The vision is that there’s a fourth quarter game where we’re on our sideline looking across the field at an opponent that is wilting under the pressure that we’re applying, because we are the best mentally and physically conditioned team in the country. That we know on our sideline that we’re ready to pounce, and we understand that their margin for error is so small, because of the pressure that we’re applying.”