New Vanderbilt coach Clark Lea has one of the more unique sales pitches in the SEC given the school’s academic reputation. He plans to use it in recruiting, and he shared on Wednesday how he sells the program and school to recruits during an appearance on the SEC Network.

“Vanderbilt football’s the biggest guarantee in college football,” Lea said. “This program is going to deliver you to levels of success that you and I sitting in this living room can’t even imagine. We are going to build a program that puts all the resources and the forces of this university behind your experience. When you think about the power of that brand behind you, there’s no way you can’t reach your highest level.”

Then he shifts off the field.

“But even if we fall short of your goals on the field,” Lea said, “or when your career finishes as you reach the NFL and go beyond that career, we’re going to set you up not only with the network that’s going to support you and allow you to continue to earn and take care of your family and continue to impact our society, but you’re also going to have the skills. We believe that education is not just about the degree you earn. Education’s about engagement and just like anything, what you invest in it, you will get back in return.”

Lea also said on Wednesday that the school’s background and brand helped the signing class stay together despite the coaching change. The Commodores’ class was ranked No. 13 in the SEC and No. 49 in the country, according to 247Sports.