Some disturbing news has come out of Nashville recently as a report out of Nashville claims Vanderbilt allowed a former football player expelled for sexual assault to not only return to campus to workout, the Commodores put the former football player in question in close proximity with his accuser for several months.

The player in question is former Vanderbilt linebacker Charles Wright, who played for the Commodores from 2015 until 2018. Wright’s final season in Nashville was cut short after Vanderbilt expelled him after a school investigation found he was found to be responsible for sexual assault.

Wright’s accuser was a student equipment manager for the Commodores. According to Adam Sparks of the Tennesseean, despite expelling Wright, Vanderbilt kept Wright on the football roster and allowed him to work out in the facility months after being expelled by the school.

Keep in mind, Wright’s accuser worked in the facility during that time.

While a Vanderbilt investigation found Wright guilty of violating the school’s sexual misconduct policy, the former Commodore has not been charged with a crime due to insufficient evidence.

Full details of the situation can be found on the Tennesseean website.