Vanderbilt has had several changes and adjustments this week, starting with a shift from playing Tennessee, to now playing Missouri because of COVID-19 protocols at Arkansas. The Commodores also have quarantine issues with its kickers, and have reportedly invited a women’s soccer player to practice earlier this week.

“I think the change is one of those things that we have experienced enough of in 2020, we’ve seen enough of it… the prep turned fast, we turned practice to the afternoon so we can go back and fact check our advance scout of Mizzou,” Mason said on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “I got a call around 4:30 that we could be moving in a different direction. On Sunday we do base game plan and solidify the game play on Monday… that’s where we were… again, we pivoted, we did have some Mizzou breakdown information that was already saved for us.”

Mason said Vanderbilt is largely healthy as Keyon Brooks was at practice, and it was good to see him moving around. Jamauri Wakefield is also back.

“Those are two key aspects of what we do… We are as healthy as we’ve been,” Mason said.

Mason also discussed QB Ken Seals and his development.

“I think Ken is really paying attention to what the defense are doing, he’s getting better at that… I think identification of what he’s seeing is coming clearer and he’s processing faster. He’s always going to have a birdie on his shoulder telling him to take the check down, he’s still growing,” Mason said. “I think we have already done that, we started that going into Texas A&M. He is a key cornerstone piece of Vanderbilt football. It’s about pieces… hopefully he’s going to be the quarterback here for a while but it’s about competition, too. He can’t get complacent. He has the right temperament.”

Mason also addressed the possibility of women’s soccer goalkeeper Sarah Fuller making kicks on Saturday.

“Sarah is part of our women’s soccer SEC championship team… I reached to Derek Ambrose, we are close, our teams our close to be honest… We’ve had her out, she’s good with the football, she’s really good with a soccer ball. We’ll see if she gets a chance to get out there on Saturday,” Mason said. “I’ve seen here practice, on and off the tee. She has a strong leg but I’m not into talking about all that right now. She is an option, she’s a good option but we’ll see on Saturday.”