Vanderbilt has had one of the most difficult circumstances around the coronavirus pandemic and related outbreak that most recently caused the Missouri game to be postponed.

Coach Derek Mason said on the SEC coaches media teleconference that the coaching staff has altered its approach in terms of how it coaches certain groups.

Vanderbilt is set to return to action next week against Ole Miss.

“You know, it didn’t affect everybody. I mean, it affected, probably, our defense. More than did our offense, with injuries as well but I think what we tried to do was make sure remember that we didn’t leave anything out there for the groups that were available to us,” Mason said. “So, the idea of having practices, and you know maybe having more teach periods in those practices now these weren’t, you know, 90 minute or 115 minute practices, these were, you know, 65, you know 75 minute practices that were about, like fundamentals and, or, you know, a little bit of run game timing, low pass under pressure.”

Mason said the self-scout aspect of coaching was making a list of things to focus on.

“We picked and chose our spots coming off the self scout and just really looking at. Okay what areas do we need to touch,” he said. “What areas can we improve it. And then how do we get some situational football around, you know, a young quarterback, to make sure remember that we can move the needle in the spots where we were, where we have availability.”