Derek Mason is not new to coaching, he’s been working as a coach in some capacity dating back to 1994. Despite his history as a coach, he’s still learning things from his fellow Commodore coach, Tim Corbin.

During his Thursday appearance at 2019 SEC Media Days, Mason was asked to share his thoughts on Vanderbilt’s outstanding baseball coach, who recently captured his second national title with the Commodores.

Aside from being an outstanding coach, Mason praised the man himself in his answer.

“Tim Corbin is the best, bar none. Not just a terrific baseball coach, he’s a terrific man,” Mason answered. “I’ve seen him, you know, go long and hard for every player that’s come through his program and that means a lot to me because I feel the same way about my players. He cares about the details, he cares about the little things. To watch their run this year. To see that team play high, play low, play from in front, play from behind — they are truly reflective of their head coach. Believe that.”

While it’s easy to look at the success of Vanderbilt’s baseball program on the field and judge Corbin as an elite leader of men, Mason believes the team’s attention to detail leading up to the game is one of the many things that have caught his eye when it comes to Corbin’s leadership.

“When you see how they line up for the Pledge of Allegiance or to hear what’s happening with the National Anthem, it’s really amazing to see those guys line up,” Mason continued.

Going into further detail, Mason even shared something he saw Corbin teach his players that he’s never seen in all of his years coaching.

“I’ve never seen a coach start to open the season, teach his guys how to celebrate,” Vanderbilt’s football coach added. “He teaches them how to jump on the pile. No detail is lost with that team and that’s why you can see them go down in game one and come back and win two games and have a chance at a national title. There’s a lot to be learned from the man, there’s a lot to be learned from the coach, there’s a lot to be learned from his program.”