After Sarah Fuller became the first woman to score in a Power 5 game when she kicked an extra point for Vanderbilt against Tennessee on Saturday, she shared her thoughts after the game.

“I was just excited, I was so happy that we got a touchdown,” Fuller said on the SEC Network after the game. “I was ready to go out and do my thing.”

Fuller added another extra point in the second half, as she was Vanderbilt’s designated short field goal kicker. After the first kick, Fuller was met on the sideline with immediate fist pumps, and about 10-20 of her teammates mobbed her.

“They were so pumped, they were just cheering me on,” she said. “They worked so hard this year and just so proud to be a part of this team in a small way, so I’m very thankful for those guys.”

After the first kick, an official met Fuller on the sideline and handed her a game ball.

“We’ve all been through so much this year with COVID, they’re just really just tough guys,” Fuller said. “I’m just so thankful I could call them my teammate.”

Fuller, a women’s soccer goalkeeper, made her season debut 2 weeks ago against Missouri. She came to the team because Vanderbilt has dealt with shrinking numbers among its specialists because of COVID-19 protocols.