Vanderbilt is the second team in the SEC to have its coach fired and an interim coach named to finish out the season.

Todd Fitch, the offensive coordinator, is filling the interim role, and said on the SEC coaches media teleconference on Wednesday that it’s, “been an emotional week for us, practice has been good, been impressed with the guys in terms of attitude.”

This week at Georgia, Fitch said the Commodores would face a quality opponent that’s very good and very talented.

“It makes it tougher but provides some focus,” Fitch said. “It will be a challenge to be on the road and play a quality opponent like Georgia.”

Fitch understands that the rest of the coaching staff is trying to chart their own paths for their careers, but in the mean time, must focus on the task at hand. Is it difficult to focus?

“There’s no doubt, lots of uncertainty that’s the part of our business that’s negative… but you have to center it around the players, making sure it’s as good as it can be for them… people that have structure focus more… make sure they can have the best experience they can have against Georgia and later against Tennessee,” Fitch said.

Fitch said he wasn’t sure about players opting out, but would have that finalized by tomorrow.

Fitch described how freshman Ken Seals has handled the QB position as mature and getting more comfortable.

“You can only get better playing quarterback by playing that position,” he said. “And as hard as it can freshman to do it but you know every week he gets more comfortable, you know, there’s still peaks and valleys a little bit which is going to be part of the learning curve but his but his maturity, the way he’s handled success. And the way he’s handled some of the things that have not been successful for him, has been steady, very mature guy and really the thing is quite impressed me a lot. Also, I’m not coaching, it was a true freshman competitiveness is really a competitive guy to come back with a challenge and I think he kind of likes those. The biggest challenge the more he gets excited about it so it was a couple of things stand out and you know I think he’s got a great future.”

About Vanderbilt’s kicking situation, Fitch said, “we are going to put the person out there that gives us the best chance to score.”