Despite playing 12 years in the NFL, former Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler believes he suffered from 15 concussions in his playing career with the Broncos, Bears and Dolphins.

“I think I’ve damaged enough things and brain parts and heart and everything in my life, if I make it to 80, or anything after that, I’ll be happy,” he said in an interview with GQ.

Cutler admitted that he’s concerned with CTE, the progressive brain disease associated with repeated brain injuries.

“Oh, absolutely,” he said. “I would say definitely my memory isn’t the same as it was five years ago. The amount of concussions I’ve had are probably in the double digits. It’s gonna catch up to me at some point. I’m just trying to delay it as much as possible.”

But he’s already outlined ways to delay the problems.

“Trying to cut sugar,” he said. “Heavy amounts of fish oil have been tied to health in the brain. I’m doing NAD. I’m doing it through IVs now. NAD is in all the cells in your body, the mitochondria, the energy that pushes each cell to function. As you get older ,you lose NAD. So I’m doing NAD therapy, which, at a core level, helps everything in your body. I’ve noticed that that’s definitely helped me. Anything I can do these days, I’m trying to get involved in.”

Despite these health concerns, Cutler wouldn’t change his decision to play football years ago.

“Absolutely I would,” Cutler said. “I wouldn’t even question it. I’d sign up in a heartbeat. The relationships that I made, the memories that I have, the lifestyle it’s accustomed me and my kids. It outweighs the benefits. In my mind. There may be some people that say, ‘hey, that’s crazy.’ But I’d do it all over again, no question about it.”