Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason is about to make major changes by the sounds of his post-game press conference following Vanderbilt’s 31-6 loss to Ole Miss.

The Commodores had trouble getting their offense going as they played both Riley Neal and Deuce Wallace at quarterback. But on defense, they gave up 512 yards, including 413 rushing.

The Commodores return to action next week against UNLV.

Here’s what Mason told the media, including Adam Sparks and Chad Bishop:

  • There’s a time when you’ve got to draw a line in the dirt. The time has come.
  • I’m going to force everybody’s hand. It’s going to be all in. Put your chips in the middle. There are things that need to be fixed. This is not what I expected to see tonight. This is not who we are.
  • Mason said he’s going to re-evaluate some of Vandy’s rotation – perhaps trimming it to get less consistent players off the field.
  • “This game comes down to making plays – and we didn’t make enough.”
  • This group is capable of doing exactly what it wants to do. They gotta make a choice and make a decision… now it’s time to get it fixed.
  • Everyone has to have a sense of urgency – including me.
  • Mason on personnel and playing time: “I gotta look at everything. I gotta be myopic everywhere.”