The Vandy Whistlers, two men who whistle during the entirety of Vanderbilt baseball games, are very divisive presences at every game they attend. You either love them or you hate them, and most people hate them.

All postseason, fans watching on TV have complained about the constant noise, as have fans seated around the whistlers.

Now, according to The Tennessean, the whistlers are being threatened with ejection at the College World Series in Omaha:

“They can’t throw me out for whistling for our (Vanderbilt baseball players), like I always do,” said Preacher Franklin, one of two Vanderbilt fans dubbed the Vandy whistler. “But (the tournament employee) said people around me were bothered by it and people watching the game on TV were calling and complaining.

“He said, ‘Whistle like that one more time and you’re going to be thrown out of here.'”

They said they plan to continue whistling during Tuesday night’s game against Mississippi State, so we’ll see if officials in Omaha follow through with their threats.

Tuesday night’s game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Eastern time and can be seen on ESPN.