While the SEC is often the most publicized and popular college football entity, one program within the conference is choosing to stay under wraps.

The SEC announced its annual spring game schedule on Tuesday. All of the football teams within the conference can be seen on channels under the ESPN umbrella.

All except for Vanderbilt.

Derek Mason’s team isn’t going to be on a local channel, or even a rival network. It simply won’t be on television at all during this period. Vanderbilt decided to drop the annual “Black & Gold Spring Game” premise altogether. Instead, it will have a scrimmage on Mar. 25 at Vanderbilt Stadium. It will not be televised.

This seems like a rather strange strategy. It isn’t as if opposing teams will learn a whole lot from these glorified showcases. Both the offenses and defenses will be extremely vanilla.

Additionally, these games are good ways to involve both fans and interested recruits. Programs across the country like dressing up these intra-squad scrimmages as fun events. Fans will tailgate, and in some cases treat it like an actual game. It also gives these devoted people some insight into the up-and-coming players on the roster.

From a recruiting standpoint, a prospect interested in Vanderbilt would have likely watch the game on television — especially if the said player doesn’t reside in the Southeast region. Now, this scenario will not be made available.

It’s feasible to think Vandy will be working up some super-secret plays (such as the Annexation of Puerto Rico). However, it’s most likely to think Mason is simply wanting his team to fly under-the-radar.