Steve Addazio has epic postgame rant after losing to Vanderbilt

Steve Addazio was not in a good mood on Saturday night after his Colorado State team lost to Vanderbilt, 24-21.

The win snapped Vanderbilt’s 11-game losing streak thanks to a 38-yard field goal with 19 seconds remaining from Joseph Bulovas.

But after the game, Addazio was not happy, and shared this with reporters.

“This is the problem in our world, this is exactly what the problem is,” he said. “You’re going to say, ‘hey, do you feel sorry for yourself?’ I don’t feel sorry for myself. Because I’m not going to drop my head. There ain’t a coach on this program that’s going to drop their head. So it’s my job to just make sure that we keep swinging away. Because that’s all losers stuff, and it’ll be my job to stay on top of that.”

Addazio said he’s not afraid that he’s going to lose the locker room even though CSU is now 0-2 on

the season.

“We’ll go down to Toledo with 32 people if we need to,” he said.

Instead, Addazio wanted to discuss the positives, such as how hard the players played, and some explosive plays.

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    • She graduated . I'm assuming you're being genuine and if not and somehow making a joke then idk what to tell you.

    • Sarah Fuller is now tending goal for the North Texas Mean Green women's soccer team, or does UNT call its women's teams, the "That time of the month's Green."

  • Coach Addazio broke Vanderbilt's losing streak in regular season games. It's the second time he helped Vandy break a long streak.

    When he was coaching at Boston College, his Eagles lost to Vanderbilt in the 2008 Music City Bowl, breaking a 53-year bowl winning drought for the Commodores. Vanderbilt snapped his 8-bowl winning streak.

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