As the College World Series got underway in Omaha, broadcaster Tom Hart prepared to call the action on ESPN, but first called in to the “Marty and McGee” radio program Saturday morning on ESPN Radio.

Ryan McGee, who was on site for the event, and Hart, shared memories of being back in a sort of family reunion atmosphere in Omaha, Nebraska since the CWS wasn’t held last year. Then Hart shared an RV story about Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin, who has made coaching in Omaha a regular trip in his career.

But without the CWS, Corbin and his wife last year weren’t sure what to do, so they took an RV trip from Nashville, through Omaha and to the great Northwest.

“About halfway through that trip, the pipe to the tarlot broke, OK, I’m going to put it in your all’s words,” said Hart, using Marty and McGee vernacular for the toilet. “And they drug a PVC pipe from under the RV for 200 miles somewhere in Idaho. They stop at a truck stop and Maggie says, ‘I’m going to find a trucker who’s going to help us.'”

So she finds someone, and asks, what do you think, can you help? The guy looked at the situation. He handed her two bungee cords, she say thanks, could you help?

“Nope,” he replied, and walked off. “Tim Corbin is now on a yoga mat at a truck stop underneath his rental RV jimmying up the PVC pipe with who knows what leaking out of it so they can continue their journey. There is not a better description of how bad we missed the College World Series. Tim Corbin does not need to be fixing RVs, that’s not on his resume, that’s not on his LinkedIn page.”

Fortunately for all involved, Corbin and the Commodores will face off against Arizona in the CWS at 7 tonight ET on ESPN.