Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason is under fire for a struggling start this season as the Commodores are off to a 1-5 record this season with a home game against Missouri this week.

Vanderbilt athletics director Malcolm Turner discussed Mason on The George Plaster Show on WNSR in Nashville. Plaster asked Turner if he intends for Mason to return next season as coach?

“Coach Mason is our football coach, I support Coach Mason, he is the right leader for our team, has been focused on building this program the right way,” Turner said. “But as with any situation in any program, I’m constantly evaluating our programs. (Mason) has been a great partner already, and like I said, he is the right leader for our program, and I know he’s very focused on what we need to fix and how we get this turned around. … We’re very focused on this week and going 1-0 against Missouri.”

Vanderbilt has faced a host of issues across the roster and depth chart as the team has played 2 quarterbacks, and Mason has faced questions about getting the ball to skill players and other playmakers, and if the players admit a panic has enveloped the locker room.

The Commodores are at or near the bottom of the SEC in all offensive and defensive categories.

Earlier Tuesday, Mason was asked at his regular weekly press conference about staff changes.

“I truly believe in the coaches that are here,” Mason said. “You don’t get into the fog of war and start shooting at the guy next to you. What are we doing here? … Grab an oar and start rowing because that’s the only way you’re going to get there. And that’s what this team needs right now. We’ve got to continue to invest in the answers that are inside the building. The schemes are good schemes. I think we’ve got good players. I think we’ve got good coaches. Now what we’ve got to do is play good football. That’s the answer.”