Zac Stacy is facing serious charges in Florida, and is currently in an Orlando jail after he reportedly turned himself in on Friday morning.

The ex-NFL and former Vanderbilt running back is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend in front of their 5-month-old son, TMZ Sports reported. Stacy, 30, repeatedly punched Kristin Evans, the mother of his son in the head multiple times before picking her up and throwing her into a television, all while she begged him to stop and the baby cried.

On Thursday, officials announced they were charging Evans with 2 felonies, aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

Stacy is currently in Orange County jail.

“I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me,” she wrote, according to the police report, FOX 35 News reported.

In a statement to FOX 35 News, Oakland Police confirm that on Nov. 13 officers responded to an emergency call about a domestic disturbance.

“Officers arrived on scene within two minutes and were able to determine a domestic violence battery had taken place and that the suspect, Zackary Stacy, had fled the scene,” police said. “Officers continued to search for Stacy, and the case was forwarded to the investigations unit of the Oakland Police Department to establish probable cause to secure a warrant for Stacy’s arrest.”