Who Will Win The Alabama Starting Quarterback Job?

Will AJ McCarron win the starting quarterback job for Alabama?

Ah yes, spring is the time for position battles within every program, and Alabama is obviously no exception. With quarterback Greg McElroy graduating from Alabama, who will win the starting quarterback job next year for the Crimson Tide? We all know Alabama has the running game, but will they have the passing game to make the offense a balanced attack?

Many think AJ “Spanky” McCarron is the leader because he was McElroy’s backup this past season. McCarron is entering his third year at Alabama, and most think he is primed to take over that position. He certainly looks the part, but can he hand the day-in, day-out duties? That is obviously something we’ll just have to find out.

However, don’t count out redshirt freshman Phillip Sims out just yet. Some have rumored Sims to be on his way out of Alabama because lack of playing time and the crowded depth chart, but he and his family recently shot those rumors down. The top kids coming out high school start to get antsy when they see guys in front of them on the depth chart and don’t think rationally sometimes about their future. It’s good to see Sims staying at Alabama. He will be the guy in the future for the Crimson Tide.

Sims was garnered by some to be the best quarterback coming out of high school two years ago. He is a big-bodied kid who can run when a play breaks down, but he’s obviously a pro-style quarterback.

Both Simms and McCarron will battle it out during the spring for that starting position, but for now I would have to give the edge for McCarron. However, this position is prime for the taking.

Phillip Sims will battle for the starting job with McCarron



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  • I want a black quarterback…Make alabama abit less racist

    • really? You dont want the best qb, just the darkest? Makes sense on a zero level! When does everyone grow up, view people as individuals, and not color! Grow Up!

    • 90% of the team is black……….. Racist? Really?

    • What a stupid thing to say. Someone needs a swift kick to the nuts.

    • You are the MOST RACIST! Wanting someone to get the spot over the other IS RACIST YOU IDIOT! Im sure you are in favor of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and you probably voted for OBAMA because you wanted to see a mixed guy finally beat out a white guy for the first time too, everyone who done that is a bigger racist than a klans man.

    • Were Micheal Landrum, Walter Lewis, Vince Sutton, Danny Woodson, Andrew Zow, and Star Jackson not sufficient for you?

    • WOW!!! this was one of the most torn apart comments i have ever seen, and rightfully so! thinking a black player should get a position over a better white player is bad for the team and purely racist

  • Who cares what color they are? Can they play football for one of the best in the SEC? ROLL TIDE!!!!

  • Man, this is one of the most interesting battles for the Crimson Tide I’m waiting to see this spring.
    I’ve have no doubt it’s A.J.’s job to lose.
    Many think A.J. will just walk into spring and be handed the job, but like ol’ Lee Corso says, “not so fast my friends.”
    Sims is no slouch.
    He’s the real deal.
    I’ve seen enough highlights of him over the last few years or so to know that he brings something special to the table.
    Grant it, it was just high school, but if you watch football enough, you just know a football player when you see him.
    Both of these players are ultra talented and both can chuck the ball around the field.
    Talent and arm strength are not the question for these two.
    The question is, who will be able to handle playing quarterback for Nick Saban??
    Week in and week out.
    GMac did a helluva job in that respect and he leaves a standard for these two yungins’ to follow.
    We’ve all seen the run-ins Mr. McCarron has had with Coach already and it’s not a knock on A.J. either.
    That’s just Coach Saban coaching him up.
    Players have said if Coach isn’t hollering at you, then you should really be concerned. Ha!!
    And, the few times I have seen A.J. in mop up duty, he has kind of made some bone-headed plays at times to the dislike of Coach, but he has also made some plays that make you say, “wow, the boy has moxy”.
    A.J. is to Saban, like Stabler was to Bear.
    Stabler use to cause the Bear fits, but Bear knew the Snake was a wildcard and he had to let him play his style of football.
    A.J. has that gunslinger type of swagger too.
    So, with that being said, my nod is going to A.J. at the moment.
    With P. Sims a close second.
    Very close second.
    ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We’ll see what develops in practice. McCarron got a little experience under his belt but obviously still has a way to go, & Sims is mighty talented as a runner & a passer, albeit redshirted. Time will tell who rises to the top. In the meantime, be thankful that our QB will be surrounded by a host of veteran & outstanding players. I could look good by handing the ball off to Richardson & letting ’em rip. Roll Tide!

  • McCarron will probably start, but if he’s shaky, as he was in the games he played last season (which could be chalked up to the fact that he didn’t see much on-field play), expect Sims to get in early.

  • I think Simms would be the better QB. And not for his color of skin but for his talent!!! He reminds me of Cam Newton. Let’s just hope the BETTER QB wins the job based on talent, not the color of his skin! RTR!!!!!!

  • OH MY GOD, how in the HELL does Sims remind you of Cam Newton???

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