SEC week 10 predictions


I finished 5-2 last weekend (53-12 overall), and Kevin finished 5-2 (52-13 overall). On to week ten we go:

Missouri at #7 Florida

Jon: Florida coughed up the football last weekend against Georgia, and I think the game plan for Florida will come down to running the football much more than last week…if that’s possible. Missouri is coming off their first SEC win against Kentucky but will lose on the road this weekend. Florida 27, Missouri 14

Kevin: I think Missouri is severely overmatched against the power teams in the SEC, and Florida is included in that list. The Gators’ physicality and speed will be too much for Missouri. After an ugly game against Georgia, I’ll want to see the Gators play with balance on the offensive side of the ball and their defense to dominate. Florida 31, Missouri 10

Vanderbilt at Kentucky

Jon: Vanderbilt will keep on marching towards a bowl with a victory in Lexington. I picked the Cats last week. No way I pick them again…ever. Vanderbilt 24, Kentucky 17

Kevin: I also think Vanderbilt will win this game. James Franklin gets his team to play well, and Vandy gets the win and moves closer to bowl eligibility. Vanderbilt 21, Kentucky 13

#16 Texas A&M at #15 Mississippi State

Jon: This game means much more to Mississippi State for several reasons, but I’m not sure they have the defense to stop Johnny Manziel and keep him from making plays. I do think it will be a shootout. Texas A&M 41, Mississippi State 38

Kevin: This is a very interesting game. I think the Mississippi State defense will be the difference, and the Bulldogs passing game will do enough to win this game closely at home. Manziel does his thing, but is contained to a small degree. Mississippi State 35, Texas A&M 31

Troy at Tennessee

Jon: Troy will score on Tennessee because the Vols’ defense is just awful, but Tennessee’s offense is getting better. Tyler Bray has dominated non-conference opponents throughout his career. Tennessee 38, Troy 27

Kevin: Tennessee will win this game, but does it really matter? Does beating Troy move the needle in Knoxville right now? I don’t think so. Tennessee 35, Troy 24

Tulsa at Arkansas

Jon: This is a bad matchup for the reeling Hogs for their homecoming game. After a loss last week against Ole Miss, Tulsa will be hungry to get a win over an SEC team. Tyler Wilson has a monster game, but Tulsa pulls the upset. Tulsa 30, Arkansas 28

Kevin: Arkansas is a vey mediocre football team, but let’s go with Tyler Wilson’s arm doing enough to win the game. Arkansas 31, Tulsa 28

New Mexico State at Auburn

Jon: Well, the time has come for Auburn to get another win and finally get back in the W column. It’s been a long time – seven weeks – but freshman quarterback Jonathan Wallace leads the Tigers to victory. Auburn 23, New Mexico 10

Kevin: Like Tennessee, this just doesn’t do anything for Auburn. Beating New Mexico State as a 1-7 team is meaningless. However, Jonathan Wallace provided a small glimmer of energy and hope for Auburn fans last week. He gets the start this week, so at least there might be something worth tuning in for if you’re an Auburn fan. Auburn 27, New Mexico 13

Ole Miss at #6 Georgia

Jon: Georgia is looking to primarily close out the East this week. Yeah, I know they have Auburn next week, but this is the last major test for the Bulldogs. If they don’t bring their A-game, Ole Miss could crash their SEC Championship party. That’s not happening, though. Georgia 33, Ole Miss 23

Kevin: Georgia played their best game of the season last week (except for Aaron Murray). They’ve been inconsistent all year. I’m going to go with the inconsistency part and say that Georgia doesn’t look great in this game, and pulls out a close win. Georgia 38, Ole Miss 35

#1 Alabama at #5 LSU

Jon: The Granddaddy of them all…or not. But it’s still a huge game with BCS implications. Alabama’s tremendous balance on offense and AJ McCarron as their quarterback will be too much for LSU and the home crowd. Alabama 24, LSU 10

Kevin: I’m convinced Alabama is going to win this game. It’s just a question of how much. It’s definitely the toughest game and environment that Alabama has faced all season. Their schedule has been relatively easy thus far, but I don’t think that means this team is not as good as we all think. Both teams have outstanding defenses, but Alabama has a huge advantage on the offensive line and at quarterback. Will Alabama cover the 9 point spread in Death Valley at night? I tend to think so. Alabama 27, LSU 13



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  • Kevin has troy losing twice in one day. brutal

  • I think you both are correct. Alabama will win, and it’s not going to be that close. I don’t see how LSU moves the ball, and I think Alabama’s offensive line will keep the strength of LSU’s D-Line at bay.

    • You are correct Sabanite on one part. Yes Alabama is gonna pull through, but dont you remember AJ McCarron he was terrible until that one game he stepped up. Maybe after all this hype and an extra week of practice Zach M. will step up. You never know because it’s college football. Also remember LSU has revenge on their mind and are on a 28-0 winning streak at home. This game has the potential to go either way or at least stay close. I can tell that you probably arent one of the cocky ones and that you are most likely a true bama fan, but I’m just saying for those people and players who jump on the Bama bandwagon are gonna get knocked down. I say Bama wins, but LSU plays aggresive and makes the player and fans think twice about taunting their team, pride, and tradition.

      • Also remember in the last 10 years during the regular season LSU has beaten Bama 7 out of 10 times, so remember this game has the potential to go either way. It all depends on who wants it more and who steps up.

  • Missouri 21 – Florida 17
    Vanderbilt 38 – Kentucky 3
    Tennessee 42 – Troy 24
    Arkansas 33 – Tulsa 28
    Auburn 24 – New Mexico State 17
    Georgia 45 – Ole Miss 10
    Alabama 20 – LSU 17

    So, do I really think Florida loses? No. But I certainly hope they do. It would just make my day, almost as much as a Georgia win. No worries only almost. The only other surprise is Alabama-LSU being close. I just see Death Valley making it close, not so much that LSU is that good.

    • Florida 24 – Mizzou 14
      Vandy 31 – Kentucky 9
      Tennessee 35 – Troy 21
      Arkansas 24 – Tulsa 7
      Auburn 17 – NMS 3
      Georgia 42 – Ole Miss 28
      Alabama 33 – LSU 9
      I do not see LSU getting in the end zone at all during this game. Mettinburger will complete less than 50% of his passes and 2 int’s. AJ will hit LSU fast and in the mouth 21-0 by 1st quarter, then cruise control for Alabama.

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