SEC Bowl Projections: Week 15


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With Auburn winning the SEC Championship and Ohio State losing the Big Ten Championship, the Tigers are now projected to play in the BCS National Championship Game against FSU. What a showdown it will be!

With a crazy final championship weekend, here’s a look at what the bowl game projections will be tonight:

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BCS National Championship Game: Auburn vs. FSU
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Capital One Bowl: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin
Outback Bowl: LSU vs. Iowa
Cotton Bowl: Missouri vs. Oklahoma State
Chick-fil-A Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Duke
Gator Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan
Music City Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech
Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Rice
Compass Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. Houston

Officially out: Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee

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  • We came quite a long way from being predicted to either no bowl or the Bham bowl. War Eagle!

  • SBNation is reporting that the Chic-Fil-A bowl is taking Georgia and Miami. Guess we’ll find out tonight! Go DAWGS!

    • Well Dawgs will be ranked above TAM in BCS and technically GA is the number number 6 team in the SEC and TAM is the 7th. So I can see that, but I can also see them going to the gator bowl and thats what Ive argued/debated in a previous post. But if it is the Chickfila Bowl I can see it b/c Georgia Fans would pack that place out easily.

    • One of the big things bowls look at is fan support and hotel nights. The Gator Bowl would love UGA because theirt fans will come to Fla, sleep in hotels and eat in restaurtants. If they go to the Chik-Fil_a, very few will be staying over night because they live within driving distance.

  • How did you figure State jumping Vandy? More supportive fan base?

  • They should just rename the Citrus Bowl the “Carolina Falls Just Short Again” Bowl. Oh well, if we’re not BCS bound might as well be the Citrus.

  • It may not be the National Championship, but I’m glad Alabama get’s to face off against a great opponent in a BCS Bowl game. I just hope that we do face off against Oklahoma because they’re a great program with a lot of great tradition.

    • i want yall to face off against OU because they’re a bunch of disrespectful, egotistical big-mouths with an inferiority complex against the SEC. I’ve never rooted for bama in my life (in fact, i traditionally root for whoever bama plays), but if they play OU or OSU i want them to beat the ever-loving dog piss out of them to shut them up for a while.

    • I’m very sad that Bama will be playing OK. I had hoped, ever so much, to see OSU travel to New Orleans to Bama could finish off Urban Meyer. I think somewhere along that trip, he would jump out. Alas, I’ll settle for your guys force-feeding Bob Stoops his words.

  • I wish Auburn the best of luck in the National Championship game. They deserved it after last night. That being said, I think the defender who took a cheap shot on Josey and knocked him out of the game should be suspended. Very excited to see Mizzou in the Cotton Bowl. Get to play a former Big 12 foe and gives me an opportunity to watch my Tigers play in Jerryworld.

    • I completely disagree. A great year in the SEC, winning our division, and we’re “rewarded” with an old Big XII conference game…boring. Dallas vs Orlando/Tampa for New Years? Sucks ass. I can see SC getting Cap One because of head to head, but they don’t deserve it any more than we do since we won the division and they have a worse loss by far. Win your division but lose the CCG and get jumped by SC and LSU in the selection process…Big XII bowl selection deja vu.

      • hmmm, well Missouri beat a top Pac 12 team last year, and a middle Big 10 team this year. I like to see them get a top ACC team, but a top Big 12 game would probably draw more. Kansas State would sell out fastest.

    • idk man its not like he intentionally threw him INTO the cart. there was shoving after going out of bounds and he got the correct penalty, but its just bad luck some idiot parked a cart there and there was a cheerleader sign for him to slide on.

      • Yeah, he got the appropriate penalty in-game. He clearly wasn’t aiming the guy into any obstacles, it was just a little shove that he hoped would go unnoticed to finish knocking him down. If we’re suspending people, suspend the driver of the cart.

        • I hope you don’t have a college degree from Auburn yourself. The cart was parked as far off the field as you can get it. It wasn’t being driven by a drunk cart driver, but you might be drunk. I can’t incriminate the boy anymore than you did yourself: ” it was just a little shove that he hoped would go unnoticed to finish knocking him down” As if the game of football is not complete when the rules limit knocking people down on the actual field of play.” I’m saving this comment for future laughs

      • Pete, are you nuts, they were out of bounds for 3 secs and traveled fifteen yards before he shoved Josey who had had his back turned, no reason to expect to defend himself. Missouri had lots of opportunities to axe Davis. The only game where this doesn’t draw league action is WWF. Cowardly, shameful, and low-life, to resort to this when the other teams player is beating you. This and the persistent unwhistled holding throughout the game actually make the Alabama fans idea about Auburn look right.

        • I believe what johnathan means to say is this kinda thing goes on all the tine in football. Sure, it was a penalty and should have been and was called as such. However, he nor I believe he was intending to injure the player by shoving him into a cart.

  • east champs and we fall behind 3 lesser teams. this is like getting screwed by the big 12 all over again.

    • Mizzou is a really good team, but I don’t think they are better than Alabama and Auburn. South Carolina beat Mizzou, so you can’t really say that Mizzou is better than them. The Cotton Bowl is a big time bowl and there is no shame in going to it. I would have liked to seen Mizzou play LSU.

      • I think he is…. and I sure am…objecting to winning the east division of the best conference in the NCAA and having Stanford, Baylor, etc. non-SEC teams jump us. Rankings should be Auburn, FSU, Alabama, Missouri, ….. (strength of schedule has been validated by Saturday’s games.)

    • I would much rather play in the cotton bowl if i was a mizzou fan than the Outback or Capitol One bowl. Traveling to texas would be a lot more feasible than all the way to florida. Thats what the people picking the bowls see as well; they will sell more tickets to mizzou fans if they play close to home.

    • not meaning to sound like a dick here, but how exactly are auburn and bama “lesser” teams when one beat miz outright, and the other only has one loss to that selfsame team to the team that beat mizz, while mizz has two losses and with one of them an outright loss to sc?

    • just ask georgia how it feels, that happened to us 2011 and 2012. you basically get penalized in the rankings if you play in the seccg and lose. its kind of a bs way to do it but its just something you gotta deal with i guess.

    • Yep, same crap as in the Big 12, kind of like 2007 when we beat kansas for the North, lost to OU in the CG, then kansas gets the BCS Orange Bowl and we get the Cotton. Same crap, we are Mizzou. And I don’t agree witht he below statement that South Carolina ‘deserves ‘ a better bowl because they beat us. Everyone wants to use the hurt QB excuse when we beat them, we can’t use it just once when we lose with a QB out? If Franklin was in there, that wasn’t even a game.

  • everybody check out this video its one of those hitler reacts videos. hitler is reacting too ohio state losing the B1G Championship its hilarious

  • Was partially hoping Vandy to the Gator Bowl. I feel like Franklin’s boys have earned something bigger than the former Bowl and definitely a bowl game outside their home state.

    As for us, I’m really not mad about Orlando. I do kinda hate these Gamecock bandwagoners who think putting us there was a snub. This bowl and an 11-win season was a big deal for us just two years ago, after all…

    Side note, has the Cotton Bowl officially become the dumping ground for the best former Southwest/BigXII team in the SEC each year?

  • so it’s better to finish second in your division than to go to the championship game and lose. that’s how kansas got the orange bowl over us when we were the only team to beat them. the only one. but we lost in the big 12 championship. 3 times.

  • My congrats to all 10 SEC teams going to bowls this year. Another great year for the SEC. Geaux Tigers, let’s hope for another fantastic year in 14

  • I believe what johnathan means to say is this kinda thing goes on all the tine in football. Sure, it was a penalty and should have been and was called as such. However, he nor I believe he was intending to injure the player by shoving him into a cart.

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