SEC Bowl Projections: Week 6


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What did we learn Saturday? We learned that Missouri and Florida are real players in the SEC East. The East is up for grabs between Georgia (frontrunner), South Carolina, Florida and Missouri, and it’s going to be tremendous watching this one play out. Alabama remains the team to beat in the SEC West.

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Here’s a post week six look at updated bowl projections, with an added spice of opponent projections, too:

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BCS National Championship Game: Alabama vs. Oregon
Sugar Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Louisville
Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan
Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Wisconsin
Cotton Bowl: LSU vs. Oklahoma
Chick-fil-A Bowl: South Carolina vs. Florida State
BBVA Compass Bowl: Auburn vs. Houston
Gator Bowl: Missouri vs. Michigan State
Music City Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Maryland
Liberty Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. East Carolina

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Out: Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State and Tennessee

A couple notes:

  • Arkansas drops to the ‘out’ list. The Hogs will likely only be favored in just one remaining game against Mississippi State, and that will be a toss-up.
  • Tennessee nearly pulled off the upset against Georgia, and UT is going to have to upset one remaining team on the schedule. With South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Auburn, Vanderbilt and Kentucky, do you see three wins? I see a win against Kentucky, and Vanderbilt could go either way. At this point, South Carolina, Auburn and Missouri are better than Tennessee, but I can see the Vols going to a bowl over Arkansas.

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  • You got it right concerning the Vols… I do see them upsetting someone left on their schedule, as they have shown improvements each week.

    • I see Tennessee upsetting Auburn and maybe beating Arkansas. Butch Jones will win a game he shouldn’t. He has the Vols believing, and getting Auburn in Knoxville when he has shown he has the talent to beat an admittedly weaker Georgia shows me he can beat Auburn. Plus, even a weak Georgia is better than Auburn.

      I also think Spurrier is losing control of his locker room. While I won’t say Tennessee surprises USC yet… It is possible.

      • This is also coming from a bammer. Tennessee will upset someone, but it won’t be Auburn. I do see Tennessee handling Vandy though

        • very true i think its the Alabama Bobsentell’s talking and not common sense Tennessee looked better but if gurley and marshall were playing in that game the score would’nt have been very close i think it wouldve been a 2 TD game (giving credit to an improved Tennessee)

      • Tennessee will not beat Arky this year. Cause they don’t play.

      • Spurrier losing control of his “locker room”?? Spurrier is no Lane Muffin! We’re talking Steve Spurrier!!! Heisman winner,won the SEC championship countless times,won SEC EAST with two different teams , oh yea let’s not forget a National Championship & coaching a Heisman QB. The winningest coach for TWO SEC teams!!!!! This is an SEC site, right? He is a lock for the hall of fame. IMHO has a firm grip on his team . Including his two HIGHLY underrated QB’S, look at Shaw’s W-L record. And deeper into his stats! And again IMHO the best RB in the SEC EAST if not the whole conference !!! Ahh, your wrong.

  • From the Chik-fil-a bowl and up are all awesome match-ups that I’d LOVE to see.

  • Tennessee and Arkansas will be tough road games for Auburn. Arkansas always plays us close, but we’ve won what 6-7 in a row vs Tennessee. The last one was ugly and this one might be as well. I think allot of ole’ smokies will have left by halftime of the game. Remember Vols, Auburn “owns” you right now. Auburn has gotten better every game and if that continues, then they’ll take Tennessee to the “woodshed.”

    • Considering uga couldn’t take us to the “woodshed” and your tigers haven’t took one team all year to the “woodshed” I doubt you’ll be taking us there in Neyland, ronnie brown and Cadillac williams ain’t walking thru y’alls door no time soon.

      • UGA didnt take Smokey to the Woodshed because they were running there 3rd and 4th string RB’s not down playing Tenn but i dont see the game against Auburn with three Notable RB’s being an easy task for Tennessee. Auburns Defense is looked a lot better against Ole Miss. (i know Ole Miss and Auburn very even matched teams) so before i throw any comments out there i want to see how Auburn does against A&M and Tennesee does against USC before i make a call on that game

  • Michigan is just a boring match-up for UGA. I know both are well-respected programs, but there’s just nothing sexy about playing them. On the other hand, I’d love to be the SEC team that pounds UL into submission. UF dropped the ball last year on that one.

  • Why do you have Fl St in the chick fil a bowl? They should be in a much higher ACC bowl.

    • The Chick-fil-A is for the ACC’s No. 2 team. Just betting Clemson beat FSU at home.

      • Ah gotcha. I thought it was liked 3rd or 4th.
        One thing I don’t like about bowl selection. chick fil a gets SEC #5, and bcs SEC has had two teams in BCS bowls last few years it has been getting #6, but they have to play ACC #2. I think there is a few other bowls like that

    • I also didn’t see the overrated Clem’s son with only 3 ranked teams ,two at home,on thier cushy schedule in the bowl mix? Is this to imply a downward spiral in Clem’s son’s craftmatic bed schedule? I tend to “tackle” one topic at a time!!

    • If Fla St. Beats Clem’s son would that create a rematch of Clem’s son and the Gamecocks? Maybe Miami will play USC?? This is all way to early to project after 5-6-7 games.

  • i think UT could and maybe should beat arkansas and /or vandy and give auburn a game. that is if they continue to improve at what seems a meteoric rate currently.

  • As much as we’ve been waiting for Alabama Oregon for like 4 years now, I think Clemson has a better shot if they beat FSU. Sure if Oregon beats Stanford, they will be beating a technically better ranked team than FSU (as of now). But I’m pretty sure FSU could beat Stanford right now. Either way, I’m fine if Bama plays Oregon or Clemson. Both are great programs.

    • Wake up and smell the tiger poop! Look at thier schedule ! As I stated above they only play 3 ranked teams all year!! And two are home games!! Gooseneck Swiney may beat FLA.ST. @ home. Then in the BRICE it comes to an abrupt halt!!

  • I think Miss. State gets to 6 wins and squeaks into a lower bowl. Vandy won’t make a bowl this year and neither will UT or UK. I like state to beat Bowling Green and UK coming up…at least 1 of 2 with ARK and SC (match up really well to both) then Ole Miss at home for the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving night. At least 6, best case scenario 7. I think S. Carolina is an 8 win team this year at best and that’s only because they play in the East. Wouldn’t make a bowl in the West.

    • You’re high if you think usc wouldn’t make a bowl playing in the west, and equally high if you think the dogs will win 2 of 3 against ark sc and ole miss.

  • I think the only reason Vanderbilt will be in a bowl is because the still have a cupcake, then a win against Kentucky, and maybe Tennessee, which would be a flip game for me. The winner of that matchup will go bowling.

  • Hey Jon, What’s up? No Podcast to post this week? Surely there is something the round-table is talking about.

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