SEC’s 14 burning questions for week two


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Week two’s schedule presents a lower-rated week in totality, but it also gives us the SEC’s most underrated rivalry game, South Carolina vs. Georgia.

But with this week – based up on last week’s finishes – gives us 14 burning questions, one about each team:

1. Alabama: Was VT’s defense that good, or does Alabama’s offense have major questions?

2. Arkansas: Will the Hogs start 4-0?

3. Auburn: How fast can Gus Malzahn develop Nick Marshall and the passing game?

4. Florida: Does Florida have the best offensive and defensive line combo in the SEC?

5. Georgia: With another top 10 matchup, can Georgia improve upon its 3-12 record during the Aaron Murray era?

6. Kentucky: Will Kentucky win three games?

7. LSU: The Tigers look like the most complete team after week one, but can they survive the brutal schedule?

8. Mississippi State: How long until the Dan Mullen whispers get louder?

9. Missouri: After seeing Missouri put up serious numbers this week, will the offense return to 2011 form?

10. Ole Miss: How much does the loss of LB Denzel Nkemdiche hurt in the next four to six weeks?

11. South Carolina: Is South Carolina the East’s most complete team?

12. Tennessee: Can the Vols survive major injuries this year? If so, how great can the first unit be?

13. Texas A&M: Knowing teams play with more energy at home, can TAMU’s defensive line wreak havoc against Alabama’s offensive line in two weeks? Enough to pull out the victory?

14. Vanderbilt: Is Jordan Matthews the best receiver in the country?

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  • To answer the first question, it’s probably a combination of both. Some (just some) credit is due to Bud Foster’s defense. In the weeks leading up to the game, there were some that predicted VT’s defense would keep the game competitive. Alabama’s O-line is very green, which was expected. Are the problems major enough to be detrimental to efficiency of the entire offense? Only time will tell. I will say that Nussmeier better get used to seeing opposing defense stack the box with 8 and 9 defenders. It’s going to take time for this offense to find an identity, and I think they have the talent and coaches to do so. I think the VT game will serve as an eye-opener to the team and it will light a fire to rapidly improve before facing Texas A&M. But any Bama fan will know that the recent success has been much attributed to the defense, and I thought the defense looked scary (with the exception of one big play). There’s definitely no reason to panic or change up personnel yet.

  • Jon, how can Mullen righten the ship?

    • Tough question. The defense is fine, but the offense was awful to watch past the 1st quarter. There’s no creativity, and he needs to take more shots down the field.

      • excellent answer. I hate to be blunt and put it this way but Tyler Russell is effectively Jeff Brantley. Mullen basically runs the Urban Meyer system and we all remember the bland outcome of Urb-Brantely. Don’t get me wrong TR is a good QB, but at some point the writing has to become clear on the wall and the system must suit the player or vice versa. Maybe I am ignorant or oblivious to some football know-how, but it just doesn’t make sense!

  • When will UGA fans stop blaming Bobo and start looking at Grantham?

    • Will UGA fans start dealing with the fact they aren’t full of seniors and juniors and are starting a lot of freshmen. Great offense, but the defense will be its Achilles’ heel all season long. We’ve been on the opposite end for years with great defenses and poor offenses.

  • No team leans on a receiver as hard as Vandy leans on Mathews. Alabama still scored a lot of points. Florida offensive line looked better…. but so far from the best that this burning question is only as warm as the Ben Gay on their jock-straps. Georgia? no. Don’t write Kentucky off yet, even last year something as simple as fitness could have dramatically changed their record. In 2011 Missouri had RB’s Josey and Lawrence : in 2013 they have Hansborough and Josey and Murphy and Steward and White…The receiving corp is also about 3 times as good… All three quarterbacks can win games…They still have some team challenges but 2011 in not the standard for this team, 2007 might not even catch it.

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