What’s not to love about supreme optimism?

It’s the best time of the year for college football fans, especially those favoring the SEC. Dreams of a national championship aren’t yet crushed and homers abound can all take a stab at guessing wins and losses on their respective team’s schedule.

Let’s kick-off our 2014 best case series with the media’s preseason pick, Alabama:

‘Best Case Scenario’ Series

  • Aug. 12: Vanderbilt
  • Aug. 13: Mississippi St.
  • Aug. 14: Tennessee


2013 record: 11-2, 7-1
2014 best case: 15-0, 8-0
Closer look: Fifteen wins is asking a lot for a program led by a rookie starting quarterback in a new offense, but Alabama’s got Nick Saban and will have the defense — along with a fierce ground game — to plow through most of its early-season competition with ease. We’ll know if the Crimson Tide’s best case is within reach on Nov. 8 after a showdown with LSU. Get past that matchup unscathed and the Iron Bowl will, once again, generate quite a buzz. This season’s national champion would set a national record for wins (15) should its unbeaten campaign include a conference championship victory. You can thank the College Football Playoff for the additional appetizer in the form of a semifinal.
Silver lining: Many national pundits have been quick to punch holes in the Crimson Tide’s armor, quickly dismissing the fact that Alabama was a fluke kick return away from appearing in the SEC Championship Game and perhaps reaching the BCS title game last season. It’s not as if Saban’s club has lost its talent edge on the rest of the conference. The media’s preseason pick to win the league, Alabama’s the favorite for obvious reasons, not to mention complacency no longer playing a factor.