The SEC is very well represented in USA Today’s ranking of the best student sections in the country, as one would expect. SEC fans are some of the most intense in the country, so it only makes sense that the student sections are the rowdiest.

Here are the teams that fell just out of the top ten: Auburn, Florida State, Michigan, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Virginia Tech

I have personally seen both the Auburn and South Carolina student sections in action. Both times as a visiting fan, one time with a devastating result (Auburn) and the other with a pretty awesome result (South Carolina). The South Carolina student section was less welcoming to me, but I was also being not that awesome and probably deserved having stuff thrown at me. I was kindly asked to leave on that occasion. Anyway, I digress.

10 – Texas Tech

The fighting Kilff Kingsburys are apparently pretty fiesty. Any time your head coach is handing out cash prizes, students are going to show up.

9 – Oregon

If I was a student here I would be tempted to break into a Mighty Ducks “quack…quack…quack…quack quack quack” after pretty much every single play.

8 – Alabama

Houndstooth. So much houndstooth. Sweet Home Alabama. Yellow Hammer. There are a number of reasons why the Alabama student section makes this list. They’re some of the most passionate fans in the land.


7 – UCLA

I lived in LA for a little while and I gotta say this one surprises me a little bit. Sports don’t rank that high on people’s list of things to do. I mean, think of all the clubs you could be going to instead.

6 – Florida

“We are the boys” remains one of the coolest college football traditions in the country. Then of course you have the whole chomp thing. The students have had to suffer through a few rough seasons, otherwise they might be higher.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida

5 – Ohio State

Not sure how these students can be all that excited for a perennially underachieving team. Plus it gets super cold there. Sounds pretty awful.

4 – LSU

Death Valley is always high on the list of toughest places to play, largely because of how intense the student section is. Anytime you register as an earthquake, that is a big deal. Now, if only Mike the Tiger would come out to play.


3 – Penn State

I mean, what else is there to do? There is actually some pretty good fly-fishing not too far away. So there’s that. Plus Yuengling.

2 – Wisconsin

You can’t hate on the whole “Jump Around” thing. That is pretty cool.

1 – Texas A&M

The student section is known as the 12th man, so they are obviously a big deal. They even have special yell leaders to make sure everyone is going crazy. It will take a huge effort from another school to knock these guys from number 1.

[h/t TFM]