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The SEC still rules college football, only this year the SEC West completely rules, well, everything. Six Western Division teams are ranked in the top 25 this week, and should Arkansas upset Texas A&M Saturday, all seven teams could be ranked. That’s never been done before.

Every week, SDS will poll its writers, and we’ll provide a collective SEC power rankings, instead of it coming from just one writer with one impression of every team.

Here are the SEC power rankings after Week 4, according to our staff:

Projected out of a bowl game

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

Vanderbilt’s loss to South Carolina put a major damper on the bowl hopes, and the Commodores are going to have a tough time beating another opponent not named Charleston Southern. The Commodores can’t keep QB Patton Robinette healthy, but at least the Commodores have found a kick returner.

Fighting for bowl eligibility

13. Kentucky Wildcats
12. Tennessee Volunteers

Kentucky and Tennessee will be quite the rivalry this season, and each will compete to see which team will be the ‘second worst’ in the SEC. Kentucky returns this week against Vanderbilt, and Tennessee returns against Georgia. The Cats and Vols both had bye weeks to recuperate from losses.

Middle of the road teams

11. Missouri Tigers
10. Florida Gators
9. Arkansas Razorbacks

Missouri had arguably the worst loss of any SEC team this season against Indiana. The offensive line looked soft, and the offense looked uninspired. Instead of Mizzou sitting 4-0 heading into South Carolina as a top 20 team, the Tigers are 3-1 and fell completely out of the rankings…Florida was outclassed by Alabama, and Lane Kiffin owned Will Muschamp. Had Alabama not turned it over four times, the game would have been even more lopsided than it really was. Florida is soul searching heading into the bye week, and surprisingly, the defense is the bigger problem…One of the hottest teams is Arkansas, who pummeled 3-0 Northern Illinois. The running game is certifiably nasty, and if Brandon Allen turns up the passing game, watch out. This team is dangerous and looking to ruin somebody’s season.

SEC East Sandwich

8. South Carolina Gamecocks
7. LSU Tigers
6. Georgia Bulldogs

South Carolina was not too impressive against Vanderbilt, and one off game in the SEC East can cost teams. The defense remains very suspect, but the one horseshoe in the Gamecocks’ pocket is the head-to-head win over Georgia…LSU fell from No. 5 to No. 7 in this week’s power rankings following the loss to Mississippi State. The Bulldogs pounded the Tigers, and the comeback only started when MSU’s defense went full prevent mode. When LSU’s running game slows to a halt, the passing game hasn’t proven it can pick up the slack…Despite not having the head-to-head against South Carolina, UGA is ranked above the Gamecocks this week and coming off a blowout win over Troy. The Bulldogs return to SEC play Saturday against Tennessee.

Three SEC West teams

5. Mississippi State Bulldogs
4. Ole Miss Rebels
3. Texas A&M Aggies

No. 5 starts the string of SEC West teams in the top five. The way Mississippi State, Dak Prescott and Josh Robinson utterly dismembered LSU was the biggest story in Week 4. The hype is real, and the Bulldogs are real. Prescott could be the league’s most valuable weapon and proven leader. MSU heads into a bye week with tons of momentum and, now, respect…Ole Miss sits just above MSU, and the Rebels return against Memphis this week looking for another blowout, following last week’s bye. The Egg Bowl may be for much more than just bragging rights this year…Texas A&M continues piling up silly numbers against lesser opponents, but things get real the next four weeks: Arkansas, at Mississippi State, Ole Miss and at Alabama. It’s murderers row against four teams that can exploit the defense.

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Iron Bowl two

2. Auburn Tigers
1. Alabama Crimson Tide

Auburn and Alabama find themselves in the top two again this week. Auburn won a tight Thursday night road game against Kansas State, and we’re not overreacting to the fact it was a struggle, even knowing K-State should have exited the victor. Auburn knows how to win close games, and this will continue to build the Tigers’ 2014 identity…Alabama set records against Will Muschamp’s defense Saturday. Nobody believed in Lane Kiffin or Blake Sims, but now you do. Alabama is quietly putting together stupid numbers on offense and are currently second in the SEC in total offense. The Crimson Tide head into the bye week before traveling to Ole Miss, and they are the conference’s favorite for the College Football Playoff.