Can the oft-criticized Aggies defense continue to disrupt opposing quarterbacks during SEC play?

Texas A&M’s pass rush proved it has more than Myles Garrett, sacking SMU quarterbacks eight times on Saturday to assume the conference lead with 16 sacks this season. The Aggies also have the second-most tackles for loss with 30.

The Mustangs have allowed the most sacks in FBS (20) despite playing in just three games. Playing against teams like Lamar and Rice also has helped inflate Texas A&M’s numbers.

Mississippi State leads the conference with 35 tackles for loss, showcasing its brutal front seven in front of the nation Saturday with three sacks and six tackles for loss against LSU.

Missouri, with rush ends Shane Ray and Markus Golden, are third in the SEC with 13 sacks, and have produced the most sack yards with 95, averaging 7.3 yards per sack.

Meanwhile, two ranked teams, Ole Miss (4 sacks, 16 tackles for loss) and South Carolina (4 sacks, 11 tackles for loss), haven’t accomplished much in opposing backfields this season.

Kentucky has produced just 33 sack yards on 7 sacks.

Team Sacks Sack Yards Tackles For Loss
1. Texas A&M 16 71 30
2. Mississippi State 14 89 35
3. Missouri 13 95 26
4. LSU 10 68 24
T5. Georgia 8 68 24
T5. Arkansas 8 60 26
T5. Auburn 8 57 21
T5. Vanderbilt 8 51 25
T9. Alabama 7 64 20
T9. Kentucky 7 33 19
11. Florida 6 46 23
12. Tennessee 5 22 20
13. Ole Miss 4 49 16
14. South Carolina 4 29 11

Want to know why Missouri lost to Indiana? The Hoosiers tackled the Tigers behind the line of scrimmage 11 times on Saturday, vaulting Mizzou to worst in the conference. Maty Mauk and the Tigers have produced 23 negative plays in four games, and a disconcerting 18 of those were on running plays.

Meanwhile, after getting upset by Mississippi State, LSU’s offensive line has allowed nine sacks, tied with Tennesssee for most in the SEC. (Granted, the Vols only have played three games.) The Tigers still have issues at quarterback, but MSU controlled the line of scrimmage, and these numbers are a good indicator that LSU needs to get better first and foremost on the offensive and defensive lines.

Georgia has allowed the fewest tackles for loss with 10, but the Bulldogs have played just three games, including against hapless Troy.

Arkansas and Auburn both have allowed just one sack as run-heavy offenses. What’s more impressive is that Florida’s offensive line, injured and embarrassed much of last season, has given up just two sacks, fewer than more touted groups in Alabama, Georgia and Texas A&M.

Team Sacks Allowed Sack Yards Allowed Tackles For Loss Allowed
T1. Arkansas 1 7 13
T1. Auburn 1 5 13
3. Florida 2 5 12
T4. Alabama 3 24 18
T4. Georgia 3 26 10
T4. Texas A&M 3 28 13
T7. Missouri 5 36 23
T7. South Carolina 5 37 14
9. Ole Miss 6 29 22
T10. Vanderbilt 7 49 15
T10. Kentucky 7 54 21
T10. Mississippi State 7 64 21
13. LSU 9 56 22
14. Tennessee 9 59 21

Shane Ray notched a sack against Indiana, but none of the other players on the list budged Saturday. Markus Golden (hamstring) did not play against the Hoosiers, while Garrett faced double teams. His teammates recorded eight sacks while he got shut out.

Name Team Position Sacks
1. Myles Garrett Texas A&M DL 5.5
T2. Shane Ray Missouri DL 5.0
T3. Markus Golden Missouri DL 4.0
T3. Caleb Azubike Vanderbilt OLB 4.0
5. Taiwan Johnson Arkansas DL 3.5

Taiwan Johnson (Arkansas) and Preston Smith (Mississippi State) moved into a four-way tie for fourth with five tackles for loss. Missouri and Mississippi State account for four of the top seven in terms of tackles for loss.

Name Team Position Tackles For Loss
1. Shane Ray Missouri DL 9.5
T2. Myles Garrett Texas A&M DL 6.5
T2. Markus Golden Missouri DL 6.5
T4. Caleb Azubike Vanderbilt OLB 5.0
T4. Benardrick McKinney Mississippi State LB 5.0
T4. Taiwan Johnson Arkansas DL 5.0
T4. Preston Smith Mississippi State DL 5.0