Last week I asked the 50 most pressing questions I have about the upcoming 2018 college football season. Today, I’m narrow the focus to just Bama nation.

Throw out the boring, lackadaisical softball questions about the QB competition and let’s get down to the real issues, such as: Which Congressman do I need to write to bring back sauerkraut on hot dogs and “Dixieland Delight” at Bryant-Denny?!

What else am I most concerned about for Bama in 2018? I’m glad you asked …

1. How many times can I watch the 2nd-and-26 replay before it’s considered a “problem?”

2. When is Saban gonna quit playing games and name Tua the starter at QB?

3. Will Bama fans ever realize (or respect) just how good Jalen Hurts has been?

4. Will Damien Harris lead the SEC in rushing?

5. How many minutes into the season before I yell, “Run the damn ball” at my TV?

6. Will the Iron Bowl actually matter this year unlike 2017?

7. Is Tennessee ever going to beat us again?

8. Which incoming freshman will have the biggest impact?

9. Is that Coke bottle a corporate sponsor or just Saban’s version of a service animal to help deal with the media?

Credit: Mickey Welsh/Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK

10. Who is going to replace Minkah in the secondary?

11. Who is going to replace the other 3 starters we lost in the secondary?

12. Holy s***, who will replace the top 6 players we lost in the secondary? Do we even have a secondary?!

13. Where can I find a flask big enough to sneak in a gallon of Milo’s Sweet Tea and/or Yellow Hammers from Gallettes?

14. Will Josh Jacobs stay healthy and be our most explosive weapon on offense like I thought he would be last year?

15. How many degrees and/or years of eligibility does RB Ronnie Clark have at this point because I’m pretty sure he’s been in Tuscaloosa since the late 1990s?

16. Which kicker on our roster is going to drive me to drinking?

17. Are we sure Jalen can’t kick?

Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

18. Is Jerry Jeudy the next Julio, Amari or Calvin?

19. Will Lane Kiffin finally admit that he put a hole in the gas tank of Saban’s boat?

20. Is Intern Butch Jones in charge of anything besides cutting the crusts off Tua’s PB&J’s?

21. Is the offense going to struggle early in the season due to a fourth new OC in 3 years?

22. Is the defense going to struggle early due to inexperience?

23. Do we even need 11 starters on defense, or can we just run Mack Wilson and Dylan Moses out there by themselves?

24. When are teams/fans going to realize that NOBODY wants Bama?

25. What are cryogenics and is that how we make sure Saban never retires?