Former Tennessee head coach and Alabama OC Lane Kiffin has never been one to hide his feelings. Oftentimes he has taken to Twitter to get his message across.

Some are his own tweets, but Kiffin sometimes retweets what he’s thinking but other people are saying. Here are 25 of his best tongue-in-cheek tweets and retweets meant to amuse and enrage. Most are post-Alabama tweets, but not all.

No longer at Alabama, just wishes he was.

If he’d paid this much attention when he was there he might’ve been allowed to stay and coach in the National Championship Game.

(Retweet) Seriously, let it go.

(Retweet) Livin’ in the past.

(Retweet) Yeah, Tennessee still loves you.

(Retweet) Like an ex still with a crush.

Perhaps the recruiting trail took its toll, who knows?

(Retweet) Because mascots are important.

(Retweet) Calm down Lane; pace yourself.

On the recruiting trail?

(Retweet) Tell us what you really think, Lane.

Bridge burned.

Supporting or trolling the team that let him go before the 2016 title game?

Never misses an opportunity to stick it to his rivals.

Still trolling Auburn.

Still harboring resentment from his unceremonious middle-of-the-night firing from USC.

Over Allen’s comments in an article for; “We love to get Lane Kiffin yelled at and fired up in practice,” Allen said with a grin. “That’s our goal.”

Haunting USC and Tennessee perhaps?

Chase Moabury, son of a board of trustee, convinced Kiffin to use his Twitter account to post these jokes. So, no, Kiffin hasn’t gone completely off the deep end …. Well, maybe …

and it continues …

And then there’s just the bizarre from Kiffin himself …