ESPN analyst David Pollack received some backlash after he declared that Alabama was “done” following the season-ending injury to star WR Jaylen Waddle last month.

What Pollack meant was the Crimson Tide didn’t have the firepower anymore to compete with other College Football Playoff contenders. Now that the first CFP rankings came out this week and the Crimson Tide debuted at No. 1, colleague Kirk Herbstreit on their podcast circled back to Pollack on the issue.

“The word he used was done, an emphatic d-o-n-e was what he said,” Herbstreit said on the CFB Podcast with Herbie, Pollack & Negandhi podcast with Kevin Negandhi. “I’m going to make sure I remind him of that on Saturday.”

That was the Monday episode. On the Wednesday episode, Negandhi played those comments for Pollack. The former Georgia defensive star replied that the regular season means nothing to Alabama, then added, “this quote is not looking good … But they ain’t won nothing yet.”

It’s the offense that stands out to Pollack.

“Mac Jones, it’s just ridiculous, it’s insane to watch him, he’s on point, he’s ridiculous, his pocket presence is ridiculous,” Pollack said. “He had some good moments a year ago, but not like this. And by the way, we’ve talked about this on the pod so I’m not going to belabor the point, it’s a completely different offense, it’s not the same offense it was a year ago, at all. The way they’ve morphed this offense and the way it’s become play action, the way they take shots and the way they stack receivers and continue to evolve offensively, it’s a thing of beauty.”

Pollack also pointed out that the defense is “coming on now” and his “done” comment came after the defense gave up big yards and points against Ole Miss.

“This week will be a huge test with Auburn,” Pollack said. “Bo Nix is playing the best football I’ve ever seen him play, so could they pressure him?”

He also added that Auburn under Gus Malzahn often has Alabama’s number.